What is StealthNet?

A maintenance free permanent solution to your bird problems. It can be used for any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or building configuration where birds need to be excluded. StealthNet is the strongest Polyethylene netting available in the world. It is composed of six strands of polyethylene, each 12/1000". They are wrapped rope like into a strong, rot resistant, U.V. protected twine. It has a breaking strength of 44 lbs per strand. StealthNet is resistant to the effects of the sun and had a consistent coloring throughout. The U.V. treatment and color pigmentation are embedded into the composition of the material.

Facts about StealthNet:
Humane - One of the safest forms of Bird control. StealthNet provides a harmless and impenetrable barrier against all species of birds.

Long Lasting - Your StealthNet will last you 10 years or more. It has been manufactured using some of the most advanced technology in the world. It has been developed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.

Almost Invisible - Available in black, stone (beige) and white. The colored, thin, ultra strong netting blends very well into most backgrounds.

Installation - The netting is attached to a pre-installed cable system. We use a variety of fastening devices that are designed for each customer's specific needs. The discrete suspension system that we use is designed for wood, steel, and masonry composed buildings and structures.

Benefits of StealthNet:

  • It Is maintenance free
  • It will not rot or absorb water
  • A low profile and discrete installation system
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Effective against all birds
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your needs
  • Specified on most historic properties
  • It is extremely strong
  • It is nearly invisible in most situations
  • Withstands heavy bird pressure

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