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Three pests that can cause the most destruction to a home and discomfort to its residents live in Nassau and Suffolk County. Termites systematically destroy wood without attracting any attention until the damage requires extensive repairs, and the bites of bed bugs can make sleep impossible. Ants in the kitchen are usually more embarrassing than destructive or harmful, but they have no right to take over your home. Our reputation for providing reliable and trusted pest control services to the towns and villages in Nassau and Suffolk County for 45 years is a source of pride for us, and we endeavor to earn it every day.

Controlling Termites

Pests that can eat through wood without stopping before consuming all of the edible cellulose can create a devastating effect on a frame home. The bodies of termites are soft, but their jaws are strong enough to devour wood. The protozoa in their digestive system allows them to eat wood continuously. When termites invade your home, they often seek the damp recesses where they can escape your notice.

Our technicians know where to locate termites and how to recognize the tell-tale signs that they leave. Our control methods can protect the wood in your home, but neglect can result in the need to replace wood structures. After we conduct an inspection, we develop a customized program to control termites from the interior and exterior of your home.

Controlling Bed Bugs

The size of a bed bug is so small that you may not see it, but bites that appear in a row on your arm assure you that they are in your bed. Usually no larger than the “W” on your laptop keyboard, they can hide in the crevices of your headboard, behind baseboards, under light switches, in furniture, in bookcases and in the seams of your mattress. Nothing less than professional treatment can control them, and our technicians are the best in the business.

Controlling of all but one bed bug is not sufficient, and we make sure that our treatment kills each one. After we conduct an inspection, we provide the treatment that our 45 years of experience prove is the most effective. We use state-of-the-art technology to control bed bugs from your home.

Controlling Ants

Some ants may stink, some may destroy property and others may carry diseases. The pharaoh ant is a carrier of salmonella and can contaminate food sources. While ants that come into your home to find sugar or oily substances may not cause any harm, they are inappropriate. Our effective insect control can get rid of them whether they are dangerous or harmless. Our trained technicians survey your property inside and out to detect the presence of any infestation. We create a treatment program that can control ants in your home.

Choosing Regal Exterminators

Trust, reliability, and quality service are the foundations of our business. To find how we can provide pest control solutions for your home, call Regal Exterminators for a free quote.

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