Bed Bug Control

People usually associate bed bugs with filthy living conditions, but the reality is that bed bugs are just as likely to live in the cleanest of homes. Proper identification helps you in proper treatment. The adult bed beg is flat and oval in shape. They only grow to about a quarter of an inch long. Adults are brown, but appear reddish-brown in color when engorged with blood. An adult bed bug lives about 10 months, though some may live substantially longer. An infestation can happen rapidly considering that one female may produce up to 500 offspring during its lifetime. Younger bed beds are referred to as Nymphs. They are a smaller version of their parents, with the exception that they are colorless. After each molt of the Nymph, their color will darken. As the Nymph molts, they will leave behind their shedded skins which accumulate as the population increases. Bed bug excrement appears as dark spots, and usually, bed beds will leave behind blood marks on bed linens.

Bed Bug Habitat

Bed bugs will hide in folds, crevices, and seams of upholstered furniture and mattresses. You won't see bed bug activity during the daylight hours. They crawl on the search of a warm-blooded host. They depend on humans, pets, or other animals for their food. A suitable host must be available for regular feedings. Once these pests find a meal ticket, they move right in.

Tips to Prevent Infestations

  • Use only white bed sheets so you can detect excrement and blood spots
  • When returning home from a trip look for bed bugs before unpacking your luggage. Similarly whenever you enter a hotel room check for bed bugs in the room before unpacking
  • Say no to second-hand furniture. Such as mattresses and bed frames.
  • De-clutter your space. Clutter makes it easy for them to inhabit. It also makes it harder for the chemical to reach them during treatment.

Bed Bugs may be difficult to treat at times. Call Regal Exterminators now and have your problem solved by a professional exterminator!

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